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Premium Tape-In Bundles

• Weight: 50g per pack
• Pieces: 20pcs per pack
• Material: 100% Human Hair, One Donor
• Hair Colour: 1B/Natural
• Human Hair Type: Brazilian, Malaysian, or Indian 
Cuticles Aligned: Yes
• Density: Full from weft to ends
• Suitable Dying Colors: Any Color
• Length: 14 to 30 Inches in stock 
• Lifetime: 36+ months with proper care

Premium Tape-In Bundles

    • Using a wig brush or comb, gently detangle the hair from ends to weft.
    • Complete 2 shampoos with warm water on your extensions. (Do not scrub to hard in the weft area).
    • The first shampoo is done with a clarifying shampoo to strip away any access dirt and oil.
    • The second shampoo is to be done with a moisturizing shampoo. (Stay away from shampoos that contain sulfates).
    • Condition the hair with a moisturizing conditioner.
    • Rinse the hair thoroughly with cool water to seal the cuticles.
    • Always air-dry your extensions to ensure the hair stays lustrous.
    • Before bed, always use a light-weight wrap oil to avoid brittleness.
    • Before bed, always wrap your extensions with a silk or sating hand garment.
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